Contractors Wheelbarrow

Tool Mate Wheel Barrow

Only: € 69.99


90 Ltr Green epoxy powder coated tray, with front and side ribs for additional strength with Double shifted edges for extra robustness and safety reasons. This area is especially relevant on the tray design as it keeps the shape all together and differentiates a proper barrow from a bad one. ToolM8 branding embossed on the interior of the tray.


All ToolM8 wheelbarrows are ergonomically designed. Load distribution is improved thanks to the long frame, where 2/3 of the loads weight is supported by the wheel of the wheelbarrow.

2-ply bearing pneumantic wheel with cast iron brackets.

all bolts secured with a spring washer and nut.


Heavy duty wheelbarrows designed to give top performance around all the areas: Construction, Building, Industrial, Renovation and Asphalt and Tarmacadam.