fibreglass Tools
fibreglass Tools

ToolM8 - Contractors and Groundwork Tools

Fiberglass Handles/Shafts

All ToolM8 handles are produced from thousands of continuous strands of fiberglass saturated with thetrmosetting resins and a non-fiberglass polyester veil impregnated on the surface. The veil gives the handle a smooth finish and keeps the fiberglass from splintering.

The advantages of the fiberglass handle are that they are generally more durable than wood, they do not shrink and get loose, they do not crack. They can be left out in the weather and will not rot or get soaked then loosen.

Fiberglass can be 10x stronger than timber and 8X stronger than steel.


Our D-Grips, used on short and midlength handled tools, are made of one-piece high-density nylon. Rake and long-tail handles have durable polyvinyl butt grips.


All our blades are made from the stongest carbon steel with a minimum thicknesses of 2mm and reinforced steel collars. Ensuring maximum durability and long-live.